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The ERC 2020 Consolidator Grant preparation process is largely a timely one that has substantial aspects that must be taken into account. Though ERC is a personal grant, the proposal preparation process is not. Many researchers need assistance in various aspects of the proposal preparation, either technical or conceptual. This includes initial discussion on the concept, editing and proofreading the proposal, budget planning, and even handling the online submission system. Time is always of the essence when it comes to grant writing and meeting deadlines, but ERC 2020 Consolidator Grant has its own unique constraints. Read on and take two important points into consideration.


The support bottleneck

Most supporting personnel – research managers and administrators, financial officers, language editors and consultants – deal with numerous applications in each deadline. As the deadline approaches, time runs short while more and more applicants become aware of their need for support. This generates the support bottleneck.


Whether the support needed is technical or conceptual, the supporting personnel strive to provide high quality support to all applicants. However, once deadline approaches and the bottleneck is in full effect, the pressure accumulates. Time and again we have seen how this issue negatively affects their availability and attention.


The supporting personnel are there to help. It is in the best interest of every applicant to fully and efficiently benefit from their skills. We strongly recommend to approach them as early as possible in order to receive the highest quality support.


The ERC 2020 Consolidator Grant and the Holiday season

The ERC CoG 2020 deadline is scheduled for February 4th. In order to meet the high standards of ERC, proposal preparation typically requires 2-3 months of conceptualizing and writing.  The proximity of the CoG deadline to the holiday season warrants more careful planning of the proposal preparation process of this highly competitive grant.


Applicants who didn’t plan ahead of time may find that starting the preparation only after the holidays, effectively leaving them a month to prepare, does not allow adequate maturation of the project idea and presentation.


On top of its effect on the quality of the final result, this also calls for intense and stressful work and numerous sleepless nights before the deadline…


Therefore, with respect to the holiday season, we strongly advise applicants to prepare ahead of time so as to prevent last minute preparations and inadequate applications. From experience, we recommend to begin the application as early as October of 2019.


There you have it. Remembering the issue with the support bottleneck and holiday time constraints can be a huge advantage as you proceed with your ERC CoG preparation process. Bottom line is: Preparing early is always recommended in ERC. If you are a potential CoG 2020 applicant, mark your calendar for October 2019 to begin the process.


If you need any extra assistance and support, check out our helpful service.

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