Horizon 2020 , Horizon 2020 overview and basics

Horizon 2020 Impact Section – the case of the abandoned child

7 min read The Horizon 2020 grant proposal application is divided into three major sections: Excellence, Impact and Implementation. In contrast to the Excellence and the Implementation sections, many applicants find the Impact section harder to write. Despite detailed instructions in the call text and in the proposal template, applicants find its expectations Read more…

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Horizon 2020 , Horizon 2020 overview and basics

What it means to be a Horizon 2020 Project Coordinator

4 min read According to formal European Commission (EC) guidelines, a Horizon 2020 project proposal must appoint a consortium beneficiary to serve as the central contact point and represent the consortium towards the EC. This is also known as the ‘Coordinator’[1]. Correspondingly, the coordinator’s budget includes a designated share for project management activities. Read more…

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