Enspire Science Ltd. is a consulting and training service provider. Research institutions, hospitals, and technology companies leverage our decades of expertise in EU funding. They do that to create new funding opportunities, accelerate ongoing applications, and more effectively present research to relevant funding players.

We Speak Science.

At Enspire Science, we speak science. Not only do we know scientific writing – we have the scientific backgrounds and skills to truly understand your field of research. Our team keeps scientific pace with you – deep-diving into the research project, reviewing relevant publications, and helping crystallize messages to meet European research requirements.

We are Experts in European Research Funding.

European research funding is all we do. For almost two decades, we’ve lived and breathed the written and unwritten rules of European research. We’ve mastered the art of reading between the lines of what reviewers are looking for and keeping up to date on do’s and don’ts. Our clients rely on us to understand the European research scene – and keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Funding and funding management are necessities in the research world. While European research funding is extremely rewarding, it is exceptionally complex to obtain. The high stakes involved makes grant application and post-grant research management intensive and stressful.

We Offer Researcher-centric Services.

Our flexible, researcher-centric service packages provide the right fit for your research, style, timeline, pace and requirements. We’re personally committed to your research. We’ll read your proposal thoroughly, comment until it’s perfect, and offer added-value inputs ranging from low-key touch-ups to extensive coaching – all according to your needs, your research, and your style. At Enspire Science, we work hard and we work by your schedule. We take it personally and we take nothing for granted.

Enspire Science is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is led by seasoned experts in research funding and management. Our leadership team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven records of success. Complementing the management are experienced and professional scientific teams that together constitute a creative, caring and motivated industry-leading force.

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